Angel Card Reading

A glimpse into yourself

You have angels around you who guide you through every day with their loving, caring and supporting whispers. Angel cards help you clarify what is going on in your life and listen to your angels because sometimes we can’t hear them. Readings start with your focus on a question in your head and go further with the answers you get from the cards. It’s a safe therapeutic method to release fear and anxiety, as well as emotional blocks. Even though it feels like the cards are the guides, your intentions and angels are the guides here.

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What to expect

Expect to be surprised because you will reflect on the things you had no idea about before. But here lies the beauty of the angel card reading: it gives you a chance to look inside of you. 

The law of attraction, the guidance of angels, and your intention make you pick the right cards, and you don’t need to puzzle over during the selection process. It’s about letting go while letting in. 

The reading will consist of the themes in your life like your work, family, finances, career, relationships, love life. You’ll see the guidance and insight of the angels. 

You might be curious about what’s going to happen in the future, but it’s yours to live, so angels will only answer what you have in your heart and soul now. 

The guardian angels cannot intervene in your life unless you permit them, which is the Law of Free Will. But readings are beneficial to reveal hidden obstacles and awareness and assist you.

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Healing and discovery
(60 min)

Angel card reading allows you to discover your intentions, and this is a golden opportunity to think through what’s going on in your mind and heart. The answers you get are the results of the questions you ask, so it’s a way to reflect your truth and find ways to support that in real life. If your healing is supposed to express a hope of recovery, you will do this without knowing. And that’s the way of bringing your needs to light. A clear vision is accessible with the help of angel cards. Your intentions of healing and feeling better will be the outcome you get from the angel cards reading session.


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