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Be transported to relaxation and tranquillity with our range of luxury facials. Where natural meets beauty, our replenishing facials use modern techniques such as gua sha and phototherapy to alleviate your skin of the day-to-day stresses brought on by routine and the external environment. 

Using Germaine de Capuccini products we have curated a selection of facials that will transform your skin leaving you feeling hydrated, radiant and calm. Whether you wish to feel rejuvenated with our Luminous Vit C+ Facial or restore your skin’s moisture with our Hydrating Facial, we will provide a full consultation to ensure you get the right treatment for your skin type.

Release tension and Relax

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Winner of her second prestige award for massage specialist of the year, our founder Angelika continuously strives to keep up with the latest trends and developments in the beauty industry so you know you’re in good hands.

At Relaxing Therapies, our aim is to make you feel confident in your natural beauty. We do so by using only the best products and techniques for a facial that makes your skin feel brand new.



Hydrating Anti-aging Facial (30 min)


This is a truly indulging treatment whereas the practitioner through gentle but effective strokes is removing tension from the face and head area.

Anti-aging points are applied to the face resulting in youthful and beautiful looking skin. During the treatment a hydrating cream with nourishing properties will be applied to the face and décoletté.
This will result in visibly ageless and dewy skin.
This treatment will result in deeply hydrating and dewy skin, just dream result!

Supreme Facial
(45 min)


This Hydra-facial is a skin care treatment that has been designed to provide healing and hydration to the skin while stimulating and rejuvenating skin cells at a deeper level.

It is a non-invasive treatment which provides deep cleansing, moisturizing and rejuvenation of your skin. Additional treatment of a ion lifting/skin tightening & ultrasound treatment, gua sha lymphatic drainage and facial cupping is included. This treatments will leave your skin both looking and feeling absolutely flawless.

Pink Clay Perfecting Mask (50 min)


This detoxifying facial mask with botanical extracts helps to draw out impurities and toxins, deeply cleansing the skin, and leaving complexion soft and replenished.

Pomegrante Pink Clay mask helps your skin feel refreshed, and has a more polished appearance. Facials are an important part of your health and wellness regimen.

Timexpert Hydraluronic
Facial (60 min)


This facial combines the power of HYALURONIC ACID with the HLG nanopolymer, creating an innovative treatment for visibly denser, dewier and more hydrated skin.

A carefully selected combination of ingredients that hydrate, plump, redensify and protect the skin’s hyaluronic acid, making it a cosmetic alternative to medical-aesthetic injections.

Luminous & Brightening Vit
C+ Facial (60 min)


This treatment tmultiplies the effectiveness of pure Vitamin C by 6 times, thanks to our new Germain de Capuccini patented HLG nanopolymer.

In just one session expect:
• 98% radiant complexion with extra glow and energy
• 95% stress free skin
• 86% more uniform skin tone
• 100% Luminious

This unique delivery system nourishes the skin cells to a depth like never before and allows a sustained release of active ingredients, a true revolution. To complement the unique HLG nanopolymer the exclusive Timexpert Radiance C+ Massage Ball is used to gentle remodel the chin, jaw line and fine lines.

This tool is an integral part of delivering this innovative facial, aiding in

• the lifting of facial muscles
• releasing tension
• increasing blood flow

Resulting in unprecedented luminosity, for instantly glowing skin that is always in!

Mesoboost Anti-aging treatment (70 MIN)


Mesoboost optimize the effectiveness of the active ingredients, matching the results of medical-aesthetic techniques.

All without pain and without needles. Expert Lab combines different cocktails of active ingredients and a machine called Mesoboost, the revolution in mesotherapy without needles.

Mesoboost is not a microneedling. This non-invasive equipment creates reversible micro-channels in the epidermis thanks to two technologies: transcutaneous penetration (it has a head with microcrystals) and electroporation, to introduce high rates of active ingredients into the dermis. It seems to us ideal as a preventive treatment, from the age of 30 to 58, although there is no stipulated age range to obtain its rejuvenating effect. The overall effect is one of rejuvenation. According to data in just 3 sessions, younger, firmer skin and less visible wrinkles are obtained. Accelerates skin regeneration and improves its texture and quality.

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Maria NolanMaria Nolan
22:55 21 Aug 22
Thank you so much Agellika for an amazing treatment on satherday. Your clinic is so calm and professional. I can honestly say you give the best massage I have ever had and such a beautiful facial.The products you use are of the highest quality and leave you freling totally pampered.I left the clinic feeling so relaxed and it continued for the rest of my weekend .I slept so well and am ready for the week ahead.Looking forward to my next visit 🥰🥰
anne Alexanderanne Alexander
14:16 28 Apr 22
A beautiful place, well laid out. Bright and cheerful. You can feel the warmth and wonderful energies as soon as you enter.I had a lylphic drainage massage, it was pure bliss. The treatment room was set at a nice temperature and the girl who did the treatment definitely has a special gift for it.Every knot and tense mussel disappeared and I left floating and with a warm glow inside that lasted through the day and night, got the best night's sleep in a long time. Will definitely be back 100 % 👍
Ruth EganRuth Egan
16:49 31 Mar 22
Angelika is an excellent masseuse. I first went to her in agony with a trapped nerve. She released it and i have had many sessions since then and i am a new woman. thank you Angelika - you're a life saver
Mehdi EntezaryMehdi Entezary
23:38 10 Feb 22
Best massage I ever got. Angelika is very professional, friendly and knows how to work out the knots on your back, at the same time get relaxing and enjoyable. Highly recommend the service
16:32 17 Aug 21
I have been attending massage therapies with Angelika for many years now and that is mainly because of the incredible standard that she has set. She always ensures that any specific tightness/pain that I have is addressed during our sessions and her attention to detail and care of her customers is second to none. I can’t rate Angelika higher than 5 stars but if I could I would have.

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