Energy healing

The energy healing called Reiki is a Japanese form of healing through universal energy. The renowned ancient wellness practice uses soothing vibrations, usually generated by the hands to release emotional blockages and relax the body. Besides the emotional effects, Reiki supports the healing of heart and neurodegenerative diseases, chronic pain, fatigue and so on. 

Never wait for pain or strife to find yourself in balance and feel the peace in life every day. The healing comes from inside out and how you feel affects how you are.


The Benefits of Reiki

After a Reiki session, you absolutely will have a good night’s sleep and next morning, you will wake up with a boost of energy, because you release the tension in your body through Reiki. In the long term, energy healing gives you a chance to get better at stress management, which will lead to a better immune system and protection against contagious diseases. And you’ll benefit from it in daily life too when it comes to your work life and personal life.

The life force energy that you have in you is the source of the benefits you’ll experience, but it needs to be guided by a master, who has the spiritual ability and education for Reiki. The refreshing feeling after Reiki causes an ability to clear thinking. The pains, medical conditions or bad feelings indicate a need to change your energy and by healing energy you can relieve for a lifetime.

Healing with energy
(30 min -60 min)

Reiki allows you to heal from many medical conditions. Anxiety and depression can be treated by the spiritually guided life force energy. Besides mental wellbeing, Reiki helps with medical conditions like heart diseases, digestion problems, chronic pain, or any aches, infertility. Reiki is recommended while undergoing Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy and dialysis to give better results.

We are whole with our mind, body, and spirit and the healing energy gives us an entire experience that maximizes healing on all levels.

€45 - €70

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Maria NolanMaria Nolan
22:55 21 Aug 22
Thank you so much Agellika for an amazing treatment on satherday. Your clinic is so calm and professional. I can honestly say you give the best massage I have ever had and such a beautiful facial.The products you use are of the highest quality and leave you freling totally pampered.I left the clinic feeling so relaxed and it continued for the rest of my weekend .I slept so well and am ready for the week ahead.Looking forward to my next visit 🥰🥰
anne Alexanderanne Alexander
14:16 28 Apr 22
A beautiful place, well laid out. Bright and cheerful. You can feel the warmth and wonderful energies as soon as you enter.I had a lylphic drainage massage, it was pure bliss. The treatment room was set at a nice temperature and the girl who did the treatment definitely has a special gift for it.Every knot and tense mussel disappeared and I left floating and with a warm glow inside that lasted through the day and night, got the best night's sleep in a long time. Will definitely be back 100 % 👍
Ruth EganRuth Egan
16:49 31 Mar 22
Angelika is an excellent masseuse. I first went to her in agony with a trapped nerve. She released it and i have had many sessions since then and i am a new woman. thank you Angelika - you're a life saver
Mehdi EntezaryMehdi Entezary
23:38 10 Feb 22
Best massage I ever got. Angelika is very professional, friendly and knows how to work out the knots on your back, at the same time get relaxing and enjoyable. Highly recommend the service
16:32 17 Aug 21
I have been attending massage therapies with Angelika for many years now and that is mainly because of the incredible standard that she has set. She always ensures that any specific tightness/pain that I have is addressed during our sessions and her attention to detail and care of her customers is second to none. I can’t rate Angelika higher than 5 stars but if I could I would have.

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