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Angelika - Relaxing therapies

Angelika Heron

I am an experienced certified Holistic Massage Practitioner and Reiki Master. Winner of three Prestige Awards 2021/2022, 2022/2023 and 2023/2024 for Massage Therapist of the Year. I launched Relaxing Therapies in 2018 before opening my massage clinic in Kimmage in 2021.

I specialise in providing five-star holistic massages that help relieve the stress of everyday life and balance the mind and body. I use only the highest standard of massage oils and facial products to make all treatments an unforgettable experience. I am keen to keep on top of the latest techniques, and I constantly update my massage skills and wellbeing knowledge to ensure my clients receive only the best at Relaxing Therapies.

Maya - Relaxing therpaies

Maya Cvetnic

Maja has been working as a therapist for the past 16 years since she graduated physiotherapy in Croatia. She continued her education in different techniques of bodywork. She had graduated from 5 Elements Acupuncture College and Acupuncture Foundation Ireland She is continuing to develop her skills and knowledge in Japanese acupuncture training under famous Master Kiko Matsumoto.

It is good to be in good hands, so Maja promises to give her best and full attention to each client in order to deliver maximum results. Maja is a member of Acupuncture Council Ireland and Irish Massage Therapy Association.

Emma - Relaxing therapies

Emma Brennan

Emma is a qualified neuromuscular therapist from the National Training Centre in Dublin and holds certificates in sports massage, reflexology and neurokinetic therapy. She applies her extensive knowledge of anatomy to her massage technique, focusing on releasing built-up tension in the body and through her speciality facials.

Natalia - Relaxing therapies

Natália Oliveira

Hello, my name is Natália Oliveira, I am a certified Level 5 Sports Therapist. I am currently working towards becoming a Master Myoskeletal Therapist awarded by the Freedom from Pain Institute. Even though I have a special interest in the treatment of overuse, repetitive strain and chronic injuries I am also certified in Manual Lymphatic Drainage and as a Holistic Therapist. In every session I will help you lift up your mind, body and spirit.

I am a member of the Irish Massage Therapist Association, IMTA therapists are recognised by Irish Health and Aviva insurances for payment rebates up to 50€ per session (please refer to the T&Cs of your life insurance policy). Natalia Sports Therapist is fully insured and up to new regulations.

Eilish - relaxing therapies

Eilish O'Donohoe

My name is Eilish and I am an experienced Beauty Therapist with a passion for skin care and beauty treatments. I trained with Coogan Bergin and Bronwyn Conroy and recently qualified in advanced beauty therapy and facial electrics in Marino CFE. Treatments can be adjusted to suit the clients needs and I look forward to meeting new and existing clients of Relaxing Therapies.

Aneta Skierzynska

Hello, I’m Aneta, a passionate holistic therapist. My mission is to promote natural methods for health and beauty. I hold certifications of Face Reflex Therapy and Facial Lifting from Lone Sorensen Institute. Additionally, I am a Reiki Master and Rebirther – Breathing Therapist. I firmly believe that genuine beauty comes from within and a positive mindset is crucial for both physical and mental health. It would be my pleasure to assist you to enhance your wellness and natural beauty.

Rhonda Williams

I hail from the United States, specifically the Pacific Northwest, and have nine years of massage experience. My practice incorporates a wide array of modalities and techniques – shiatsu, reflexology, myofascial release, gua sha, active isolated stretching, trigger point therapy, and more – to work out those “knots” we all have. I also thoroughly enjoy providing relaxing holistic massage to completely bliss out my clients. In addition to massage, I am trained in Reiki, the practice of energy healing, which allows me to tune in to each client, offering a whole-body treatment of healing, relaxation and feelings of peace and security. Whether I am providing a deep tissue massage, holistic massage, or Reiki, my wish is that you leave with the sensation of walking on air and moving with less pain.

Eunji Lee (Lynzie)

Hello, My name is Eunji Lee. I was awarded the SBS Academy Beauty School, Korea Certification: Esthetician – Korea National Technical Certification in 2022. Currently, I am working as a Beautician and Massage Therapist in Dublin. I hope to provide the best services to all my clients using the traditional skills and natural senses I learned from my homeland in the East. I have a warm heart and careful consideration. So I’m looking forward to meeting you.

Sanela Ruzic

I am a licenced physiotherapist and massage therapist with over 5 years of experience. I also specialise in sports massage and TMJ (temporomandibular joints) treatments.

Helping people heal their physical injuries and find their mental peace offers me a great deal of personal satisfaction.

I understand that living in modern times brings a lot of stress and anxiety to people’s lives and how overwhelming that can be. Therefore, I am always very present in my treatments making sure that my clients get both physical and mental relaxation and that they leave their stress and troubles behind them.